You must register and pay for the test in advance. No walk-ins will be permitted.
TMRI Testing Office will provide testing only for applicants who have completed the required Assisted Living Facility Core Training program.
The cost of the test is $200 and may be paid online by check or credit card at the time of registration.

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You must register for the test in the name that appears on your U.S. government issued ID ( e.g., a driver’s license, passport, or
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 26 hours of ALF Core Training Information



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 Test Information

* Have you previously taken ALF test under different name?  
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 Agreement and Payment

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  • I understand that test fees are non-refundable.
  • I understand that my late arrival for the test will forfeit my test fee.
  • I understand that my core training must be confirmed by an approved core trainer.
  • I understand that payment does not ensure a seat for the test until training is verified.
  • I understand that admission letters are mailed to confirmed applicants approximately one week prior to the scheduled test date
  • I understand that the time frame to take the test should be one calendar year from your originally scheduled test date, otherwise your test fee will be forfeited

Payment by mail does not ensure a seat for the requested date until payment is received.

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