You must register and pay for the test in advance. No walk-ins will be permitted.
TMRI Testing Office will provide testing only for applicants who have completed the required Assisted Living Facility Core Training program.
The cost of the test is $200 and may be paid online by check or credit card at the time of registration.

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You must register for the test in the name that appears on your U.S. government issued ID ( e.g., a driver’s license, passport, or
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 26 hours of ALF Core Training Information



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* Have you previously taken ALF test under different name?  
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 Agreement and Payment

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  • I understand that test fees are non-refundable.
  • I understand that my late arrival for the test will forfeit my test fee.
  • I understand that my core training must be confirmed by an approved core trainer.
  • I understand that payment does not ensure a seat for the test until training is verified.
  • I understand that admission e-mails are sent to confirmed applicants approximately one week prior to the scheduled test date
  • I understand that TMRI does not re-scheduled tests except for medical emergencies.

Payment by mail does not ensure a seat for the requested date until payment is received.

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